Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhapsody in Blue

She seemed more excited than usual to see me and her first words were: "Did you bring the book?" I replied, "yes."
The book of course was "This I Believe"  a series of NPR essays by famous and not so famous people spanning several decades.
She was happy knowing I would read to her again.  This time she wanted me to start reading right time for small talk.  The first topic was Jazz.  I asked if she like music; she said yes she did.
So, in the story was a reference to the song Rhapsody in Blue, and when I finished the story she couldn't wait to tell me about when she heard this piece played live by twenty pianists at the New York World's Fair in the 1960's.
Oh, she went on and on.  After twenty minutes or so she said, "thank you for the happy tears.  Read me another."  ...and so it went for two hours; then she fell fast asleep.