Saturday, February 5, 2011

She Graduated from Hospice

I've have been visiting with, well let's call her Sue, for almost six months. She is one of the younger patients that I have seen in the program at 53. She is missing her left leg and a good portion of her right foot is gone too. They keep saying the right leg has to come off, but Sue keeps saying: "no way"! There is hair growing on that leg, so it is still good. Of course she is wheelchair bound, but that doesn't stop her.

She knows everyone in the rehab center where she stays. Since she is a hopelessly addicted smoker, she has become a bird lover and has arranged for the folks that run the facility to fill the feeders all around the smoking area so she, and a lot of the other patients, can watch the birds. She really has a heart of gold given her life story and her condition.

Last week she told me that they were taking her off of Hospice. That is really great news since the doctors believe she will continue living longer than expected...beyond the six months that is the qualifier for Hospice. These are rare occurrences and I thought that we should celebrate, not in a great big way; just between the two of us. We did walk this path together for the last six months.

So I went to our local bakery on the last day of my visit (yes, once she is out of Hospice, I can no longer visit her) and got a little something for the special occasion

I hope her new life keeps getting better and better!