Monday, September 27, 2010

She's Doing What?

I've been visiting weekly with a 97 year old Hospice Home patient for over two months; you start to develop a relationship when you can see them for that long. Anyway, I've discovered that as people knowingly approach dying, they reveal some 'wicked' sense of humor, as only they can because of their obvious circumstances. I was amply rewarded Saturday.

We were chatting about what happened to be news..I mentioned that there was a big celebration for the world's oldest man this past week...he was 114 and lives in Great Falls, Montana. She agreed that she had read about it and yes it was really something. Then she asked did I know that there was a woman right here in the Hospice Home that was 101? She tilted her head a little just to see me reaction. I said "yes, I know about her". (I did not add that she had died). What she said next really shocked me...

She said: "she put in a garden this year!" and then she paused and threw her head back and laughed!

Here is someone who is ready for both life and death.

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